Killer of 11 year old girl in Chicago, Beaten while in lockup [VIDEO]

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Chicago girl’s accused killer being beaten in courthouse lockup

“What goes around comes around”, “Play stupid games, get stupid prizes”, “You made your own bed now lay in it…” take your pic of colloquialisms . This walking pile of garbage is getting, in my opinion, EXACTLY what he deserves.

Playing at being a gang banging drug dealer, all big and bad; well his thug games cost a little girl her life. Honestly, I don’t see this guy making it through his jail sentence.

Scum like this kid infuriate me so damn much. Better brace yourself kid. I feel that the beating you just got is the first of MANY yet to come.

Fox News Reports:

Chicago deputies have released video that shows the accused killer of an 11-year-old girl being pummeled by another pre-trial detainee in a courthouse lockup.

Reputed gang member Antwan Jones, 19, was attacked Wednesday as he was dozing in a chair at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse before a bond hearing, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The video released Thursday by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office shows a man in prison garb striking Jones several times in the head with his fists. Jones was cuffed to the chair at the time.  A guard grabbed the assailant.


Jones has been charged with murder in the death of Takiya Holmes over the weekend.

Prosecutors say she was killed when Jones opened fire at rivals selling marijuana on his gang’s turf, the Sun-Times reported.

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