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It sounds like a gimmick. But is it? Fortis’ new Glock barrels are stepping away from the traditional polygonal rifling found in Glocks and replacing it with Lone rifling. The Fortis barrels are going to offer an amazing price point at sub $200! Fortis says they wanted something that was functional not flashy! And to be honest, they look better than some companies that have been doing it for awhile.

Rifling in an AR barrel is one of the most important features for shooting accurately. Somehow this hasn’t been the focus on shorter barrels for the pistol market—until now. Fortis using a process that utilizes Their lone rifling™ technology.


So what is Lone Rifling? LONE Rifling is a single point cut rifling vs button or broach aka (Normal Pistol Barrels) . It holds a much higher tolerance due to concentricity making a better shooting barrel. Not many people use single point for pistol barrels because they discount the length of barrel making any difference. Fortis is utilizing a single point cutting technique for greater precision and ultimately, much better accuracy. Their concentricity to the bore is unmatched and shows in the shooting experience. Their thought process is, if it’s better – why not do it?



Fortis’s newest barrel offering for Glock 19 in a sleek sexy package, match quality for an excellent price! Run it harder, faster and more more accurately with the Fortis Glock line of barrels. Fits the G19 Gen 1-5 and also fits the 19X.




  • Material: 416 R

  • Ultra precise concentricity to the bore

  • Lone Rifling™ technology yields identical grooves

  • Twist rate: 1:10

  • 11° Target Crown

  • Finish: Black Nitride, TiN (Gold) or MDC (Grey)

  • Chamber 9MM Luger

  • Comes with threaded barrel protector (protector is black nitride)

  • Compatible with Glock 1-5 as well as Glock X



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Pew pew. Pew pew. #glock19. Read about our newest product. Link in bio.

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