Woman angrily sh*ts on floor Flings it at employees! *Graphic*

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We’ve all had to deal with that one customer at some point or another. It happens. Apparently this woman was tired of her shitty service and decided to return the favor!

Theres shit in the video you have been warned.

The New Your Post writes

This woman was full of crap — and she didn’t mind sharing it in front of horrified diners.

A Canadian woman was so incensed that a Tim Hortons employee denied her access to a restroom that she popped a squat, pooped on the floor and flung her dung at him.

The unhinged woman was captured on video Monday yelling at the hapless staffer in Langley as she grabs a couple of tissues and proceeds to pull down her pants.

She backs up against a divider between the counter and seating area before relieving herself – then disgustingly scooping up her feces and flinging it at the stunned employee, who was on the phone.


But she was not quite done.

Before fleeing, she wipes…

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