Ukrainian Passenger Plane Shot Down By Iran!

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Its really beginning to look like Iran got a bit nervous and smoke checked a Ukrainian passenger airliner.  Various unconfirmed videos and photos seem to point to this scenario being highly likely.

 FoxNews reports that the Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran’s international airport Wednesday was shot down by mistake by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile, Pentagon officials told Fox News.

Officials said U.S. intelligence increasingly points at the airliner being accidentally struck by a Russian-made missile, killing all 176 people on board the flight, just hours after Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles targeting two military bases housing American and coalition troops.

“An absolute tragedy,” one U.S. official told Fox News. “They just screwed up and it is tragic.”

The revelations come as Ukrainian investigators reportedly are awaiting permission from Iranian authorities to examine the crash site and look for missile fragments. Iran’s head of civil aviation was quoted by the ISNA News Agency as saying Thursday that “scientifically, it is impossible that a missile hit the Ukrainian plane, and such rumors are illogical,” according to Reuters. Iranian officials have blamed a technical malfunction for the aircraft’s doom…

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A video posted to Funker530 allegedly shows the aircraft crashing to the ground.

So which is it? Was the doomed aircraft fired upon or did it suffer a catastrophic malfunction?

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