The Worlds Longest Shot!

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Dynadeath and the crew meet with the guys from Global Precision Group at the McMillan booth to discuss an amazing record shot that wasnt planned and occurred during a practice session at 6012 yards over 3.4 miles away! 17.1 seconds of flight time! The dial in was 625 minutes of angle up from 100 yards zero and took 22 shots total. from a custom ELR Rifle slinging a  .416 barret 550 gr cutting edge bullet at about 3000 feet per second. The Nightforce ATACR Scope provides 130 minutes of angle in the tube and another 80 minutes in the reticle. Perhaps the most interesting part of this rifle aside from the record is the use of the Charlie and Delta Tarac which adds up to 120+ MILs (or 400 MOA) or in this case up to 800 minutes of angle (Custom made) to the optic without having to change rails, rings, cheek piece, or 100 yard zero via mirrors. Combine that with the Nightforce optic and thats 1000 minutes of angle capability! The Delta Portion of the optics system utilized on this rifle enables the shooter to raise the rifle to extreme angles while still retaining a clear scope picture and not having the barrel obstruct the view! These two components were key in allowing them to make this shot as the Charlie added the minutes of angle needed and the delta Tarac allowed for a clear sight picture by offsetting the reticle 1 inch to the left of the barrel. Additionally environmentals were taken with a Kestrel 5700 and fed through Applied Ballistics which gave them the information they needed to make such an amazing shot!

The Rifle

Bat .50 Caliber action chambered in .416 barrett

BIX’n Andy Trigger combo

McMillan ELR Beast Stock

Bartlein 40″ barrel

Terminator Muzzle Break

NightForce 7-35×56 ATACR

TacomHQ Charlie Tarac  and Delta Tarac

Equipment Used

Applied Ballistics Analytics

Garmin 701

Kestrol 5700 elite ab

GSL Technology Copperhead suppressor



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