See for Yourself: Ray Epps Caught Red-Handed in Criminal Acts on Video…

On January 11, 2022, then-Rep. Adam Kinzinger defended Ray Epps, a likely FBI cut-out. According to Kinzinger, Ray Epps, the one person caught on video directing Trump supporters to break into the US Capitol, did nothing wrong.

In his testimony before the sham January 6 Committee on January 21, 2022, Ray Epps insisted “I don’t break the law” and “It’s not in my DNA.”

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But is that the case? Was Ray Epps truthful in his sworn testimony to the January 6 Committee? Ray Epps, a possible federal cut-out, did he commit any crimes on January 5th and 6th, 2021?

We believe we have proof he did.

Ray Epps is now free. He was never arrested after encouraging Trump supporters to rush Capitol Police — and we have evidence that several Americans are now serving time for a criminal act Ray Epps participated in on January 6th.

This video was discovered months ago by Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up.

Ray Epps is filmed with several other Trump supporters hoisting the massive Trump sign in this damning video. Epps was most likely leading the efforts, just as he led the crowd when they breached not only the first but also the second set of barriers to the US Capitol that day. (Another offense)

You can see Ray Epps in the video near the corner of the sign.


The protesters walk over to where the police are standing outside the US Capitol.

Ray Epps is with them the entire time.

After the sign is released Ray Epps pops up and is seen standing and directing the crowd.

This was captured on video. Patty McMurray discovered this clip.

Here is an additional video of Ray Epps hurling the sign at the police.

Please Note: No police officers were hurt during the incident.

This was posted by FreeStateWill.

Today, several men are being held in prison for touching the sign that Ray Epps was hurling at police.

As Kelly Wilde previously reported, anyone who touched the sign, which prosecutors described as “an enormous battering ram,” was denied bond and faced lengthy prison sentences:

** Charles “Brad” Smith (41 months)

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** Marshall Neefe (41 months)

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** Thomas Hamner (30 months)

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** Howard Richardson (46 months)

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** Alan Byerly (34 months)

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** Jose Padilla (held 25 months)

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** Jonathan Copeland. an uncertain sentence at this time.

** Sean McHugh – 22 months in prison and still waiting for trial.

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These men are serving years in prison for touching the sign –  over 16 years total combined.

The average sentence for these men is around three years in prison for simply TOUCHING the sign that Ray Epps threw at the police.

This is total tyranny. Our government is openly waging war on its citizens.

Despite the fact that many people were attempting to avoid being hit by it, Epps clearly shoves the sign so hard that it knocks McHugh’s mother to the ground.

However, Ray Epps is a free man today.