Russian Ammo Is Over!

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Photo From – Gunnersden

Spoke to a huge Russian Ammo Importer This morning and confirmed that it is over. The swift sanction has cut off American ability to wire money to companies like TulAmmo & Barnaul. Which means if it’s not already on the water it’s never coming.

However at Tactical Shit we saw this coming and we have worked a deal with Arsenal in Bulgaria to continue bringing steel 7.62×39 into the country.

If you remember in August the Biden Administration banned the import of Russian Ammo and Firearms but that was only for new licenses so old vendors were still able to get it in until their permits expired.

Now due to the swift system being cut off it is impossible to get Russian Ammo unless it was on the water before swift was cut off.

This is bad news for 2 reasons.

  1. Russian Ammunition accounts for approximately 40% of available ammo at this time.
  2. Steel ammunition prices are the only thing keeping brass ammunition prices in check. When steel goes up brass will skyrocket.

This will greatly affect anyone who shoots 5.45 x 49 due to the fact nobody else makes it.

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