Pissed Marine fights L.A. Libtards, and it’s Hilarious

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Freedom Daily writes

The beauty of living in America is that we all have the right to freely express ourselves, as long as our free speech falls in line with the law. Over the past few weeks liberals have been hiding behind the First Amendment to make terroristic threats against our president, as we see liberal “comics” like Kathy Griffin pretending to behead our president, and Broadway plays acting out Trump’s assassination. Now a former Marine-turned street artist is giving local rabid liberals a taste of their own medicine in downtown Los Angeles, after what he went around plastering the city with, in an incredible display that will leave you cheering.

It’s hard to comprehend how as a conservative you could live in a city like Los Angeles without losing your mind, but a former US Marine who goes by the name “Sabo” isn’t simply going to roll over and let nasty leftists completely overtake his city. Now instead of fighting for America on the battlefield, Sabo now fights on the political front, where the bold messages he makes through his art has quite the huge impact on our society.

Following the vicious series of attacks on our president in recent weeks, Sabo decided to do a series of pro-Trump pieces that liberals across Los Angeles are predictably losing their minds over. Below is one of one of his recent creations, where a bird-flipping President Trump is depicted, adequately capturing our politically incorrect president.

This particular image has been plastered all over downtown Los Angeles over the past week, along with many pro-Trump and pro-Republican slogans.

“I’m a right-wing guerilla artist, as far as I’m concerned or as far as I know I’m the only person that does it. On the other side you’ve got Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Robbie Conal and I’m pretty much the only one on my side that does this 24/7. I think Trump is as punk rock as punk rock has ever been.” Sabo said that liberals are “f*cking crazy,” going on to say, “It’s like they wanna take control of every aspect of your life.”

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