The P.E.W. Review. How does it stack up against the big boys?

Tj Kirgin AKA Sig Glockncolt takes the P.E.W. out for a head to head test against his Fatal 15. The P.E.W – Port Enhanced Weapon System for Glock Slide Compensation and Barrel Porting- The mad scientists at Wise Lite Arms took Gaston Glocks “C” series concept and made it better by integrating the porting into a kick-ass slide design. Welcome to the first Slide Cut that actually improves weapon function and reduces recoil impulse by taking the “snap” out and leaving only the PEW. CHECK IT OUT IN THE VIDEO BELOW!!!

Why the P.E.W.?

There has been a growing trend of shooters adding compensators to their handguns. Compensators are nothing new. They have been around a long time. In the 1930s both John Dillinger and Lester “Baby Face” Nelson used fully automatic, compensated 1911s chambered in .38 Super.

The confusion that comes with those wishing to compensate their pistol however is that it will reduce recoil. A muzzle brake reduces recoil. A compensator merely reduces muzzle rise. Most modern compensators, however, are trying to fulfill both roles.

While compensators are Highly effective there are some draw backs when it comes to compensating your handguns;

  • In some cases compensating your handgun will require the use of a hotter ammunition to cycle the firearm which in turn will increase recoil. The added weight of the compensator can also lead to malfunctions in some firearms.
  • Compensated handguns are not recommended for carry as you can sustain injuries when drawing from retention due to the redirected gasses.
  • Installing a compensator WILL make field stripping and disassembly a lot more difficult.
  • Most indoor ranges and shooting matches have banned the use of compensators as they are entirely too loud for the indoor environment
  • A compensated handgun is going to require a new holster. If you’re lucky your open bottom holster will still work.
  • Compensators will also directly affect the profile of your firearm. Your once concealable Glock 19 now has the slide length of a glock 34. In the world of concealed carry Less is More!
  • The cost of compensating can run up to $300 or more. The Agency Comp runs $100 and the Agency Barrel will set you back another $215
  • Most compensators wont work with other manufacturers barrels. For instance if you buy Agency’s 417 compensator it will only time correctly with the slide on an Agency arms barrel. If you try to use say for instance a S3F threaded barrel it will be too tight against the slide and you will have to back it off at which point it will be entirely too loose.

What we’re about to show you is a revolution in recoil management for glocks! Wiselite has applied science to solve the aforementioned problems associated with compensating your handgun. Enter the P.E.W. Port Enhanced Weapon System.

Rather than putting a comp on your handgun they port your barrel. But wait. There’s more! The barrel is back bored to create an expansion chamber that allows the bullet to pass thru freely thru the port area aka the port chamber.  This eliminates catching a facial of sharp hot jacket to the face. Joe took a bukakke of hot lead to the face during conception of the idea. Each series has a port size and design comparable to the barrel length.

For the slide the front sight is moved back to allow for the “compensation cut”. We don’t call it a compensator because compensators are attachments and this is not an attachment, so it remains California compliant.

In the G19 and G17 sizes. The G17 sight radius goes to about a G19, and the G19 sight radius goes to about a G26. The G26 stays the same.

The small holes in the front of the slide are key to the distribution and diffusion of excess gas. And they look fucking cool.

These cuts and ports have been tested extensively in all three models with +P and Mouse Fart ammunition with no failures according to wiselite

When you order, we will ship you a self addressed and stamped box to put your slide and barrel in.  Then just drop it back in the mail.  It will ship to Wise Lite in Texas insured and they will perform the work and send it directly back to you in just a few weeks in most cases.

Available for the G26, G19, G17 sized pistols (other models coming soon)

Barrel Cuts are final.  There is no going back.  Yes Wise Lite warranties it.

We’ll send you a box to put YOUR slide, barrel, and sights in, then send it to Wise Lite Arms.

*Estimated time starts when Slide is received by Wise Lite Arms. Total turnaround time roughly 3-4 weeks.

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