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On March 29, 2021 Matt Loganbill was arrested by the FBI for attending the rally in Washington DC on January 6th.
Matt is a Christian, conservative, family man involved in the firearm industry. On January 6, 2021 he decided to take a stand for God and Country and be a voice. He was a part of a peaceful protest and is now being targeted because of his business in the firearm industry as well as his conservatism.

Matt is a man of courage and integrity, he has a love for the United States because of its founding and freedoms. Matt is a proud American who wants our freedoms and Constitution preserved for his children and grandchildren.

If you feel compelled to help financially please donate, all of the money donated will go to legal fees that Matt will accumulate during this long process.  We do ask that you pray for Matt, as well as his wife, Tammy, and their children during this time. Thank you, God Bless


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