Man shot his male Dr. after he made him cum during a prostate exam

According to bokdaily

A 56-year-old man from Florida shot his doctor twice on the chest, close range for giving him an orgasm during a prostate exam.

Milo Johanson fled the state of Florida on the day of the incident which took place on August, 22. Luckily the doctor he shot survived the gunshot wounds and he had now fully recovered. Milo who was a car salesman in Jacksonville had disappeared without a trace. He is now a fugitive and some people think he probably left the US.

The doctor he shot says he had been doing prostate exams for over 30-years and men cum all the time during the prostate exam and it has nothing to do with sexuality. “Milo needs help.” Said Dr. Smith.

His 29-year-old girlfriend said he called her and said “hasta la vista” and she never heard from him. His number was out of service after that call. “He hated homosexuals I know that but the shooting?, I never thought he’d take it that far.”