Man Goes Back To Bed After Shooting Burglar, Charged With Murder!

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Dont be this guy.

Dont get us wrong we are not against defending your life or property but if you fail to handle the situation correctly you can end up like this man. A Texas man shot and killed a burglar in the early morning hours. He then proceeded to pick up his brass, throw it away, and went back to bed only to call 911 hours later after discovering the body.

FoxNews Reports that Meyers told police he was awakened by a noise around 5 a.m. and saw someone trying to break into his storage shed with a pickax. He grabbed his gun, came out the home and yelled at the alleged burglar.

He said he shot the person, who was coming toward him. The burglar dropped the pickax and ran toward the park, Meyers said.

He didn’t know whether he hit the person so he went back to bed, an arrest warrant affidavit said. After sunrise, he said he saw the person lying on the ground.

He told investigators he threw the spent shell casings in the trash. Court documents said Meyers refused to answer questions from a 911 dispatcher, saying only that he was defending himself and that medical assistance was needed.

Police say he told investigators the person took several steps toward him, so he fired and the burglar dropped his pickax and ran toward the park behind his home. Police say after he said he fired again “into the night” in the direction of the park then went back to bed according to NBC news

The affidavit says Meyer’s wife called an attorney for advice before her husband called 911.

Meyer refused to answer the 911 dispatcher’s questions, the Morning News reports, apparently stressing he was the victim of a crime.

The Dallas Morning News reports that James Michael Meyer has been charged with murder in the Thursday killing and was jailed on $150,000 bail as of Friday.

Immediately after a situation where you have to defend yourself with deadly force you should call 911. Do not pick up casings or disturb the scene as this could be interpereted as destroying evidence or tampering and can land you in hot water such as in this case. Furthermore when EMTs or Help arrives, preferably before do not have your firearm in your hands waving it around. Place it somewhere secure but do not hide it. If for instance you are holding your attacker at gun point comply with law enforcement when they arrive and let them take over. All this will help you avoid ending up behind bars or shot.

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