Man Beat To Death After Stealing Car Full Of Kids.

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Its pretty simple. Dont take shit that isnt yours and definitely dont involve someones kids. One many found out the hard way after stealing a car after the mother had gone inside to visit with the childrens father. The father caught up to him in traffic at which point a mob delivered the fatal beat down.

According to ABC6 Police identified 54-year-old Eric Hood as the man killed after a crowd kicked and punched him when they learned he stole a car with three children inside.

The theft happened at approximately 9:50 p.m. Thursday near 29th and Dauphin streets in Strawberry Mansion.

According to police, a mother was traveling with her three kids when she stopped to visit the father of two of her children at a pizza shop, leaving the car running with the children inside.

According to police, both the mother and father ran after the car and pulled Hood out of the driver’s seat.

Philadelphia Police Homicide Captain Jason Smith says the father and Hood got into an altercation.

“Hood managed to break free from the father and fled across 29th Street. It was at this time that a crowd of individuals stopped Mr. Hood and forced him to the ground,” Smith said. “The crowd kicked and punched Mr. Hood until the arrival of responding police. At some point Mr. Hood became unresponsive.”

Police are reviewing video posted on Instagram…

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