K9 Handler relieved of duty after shooting small dog! *Graphic Video*

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Again, we’d like to say first off we support law enforcement. We stand behind our nations LEOs and 100% support what they do. This time a K-9 handler slotted a small dog in his owners yard after it does what most small dogs do, run up barking but not much else. A simple boot away would have probably been more than enough to send the little ankle biter on its way but the officer took a shot at the small dog with his service weapon in close proximity to a citizen putting the citizens life in danger despite multiple opportunities to de-escalate the situation. We saw how this similarly played out when an officer fired at a dog and struck a small child above the eye! Again if law enforcement is visiting your house for any reason it is probably in your animals best interest to be kenneled for the duration of the visit.

Fox16 reports after a  Saturday Update: The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed to our Mitch McCoy the deputy seen in the video has a K9 (police dog) assigned to him.

The sheriff added both criminal and internal investigations are happening now.

Original Story:

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office has put a deputy on paid administrative leave after video surfaced showing the deputy shoot a small dog.

The video posted to multiple social media sites shows a deputy speaking with a homeowner as two small dogs run around a yard.  At one point, one of the dogs starts barking and the deputy shoots the animal.

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s…

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The Faulkner County Sheriffs Office released the following statement to their Facebook page;

Much like the incident involving the officer shooting at the dog and striking the child this man is no longer employed with the department. Reese the small dog that was hit is expected to live and his injuries appear to be a minor through and through from the ear to the cheek.

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