Innovative Blackwater Slug Will Blow Your Mind

Innovative Blackwater Slug Will Blow Your Mind!

We all had our theories how this would perform in the “real world” – “it’s gonna be a through and though” … “traveling too fast” … “not enough mass” “too hot” … – well this is why we test – @ballisticdummylab gel head with skull & other vitriol – sound up to hear @26defjeff with the southern twang. – the Heavy Hitter 12 gauge has devastating performance and is accurate as hell. Bonus it’s the first of its kind that can be shot out of any shotgun smooth bore or rifled- Blackwater

The Heavy Hitter 12 Gauge Slug is one of Blackwaters new projects that absolutely takes the home defense shotgun to whole new level.

The Heavy Hitter has been tested on level 3+ body armor.. Lets just say there is no surviving a shot from this slug with level 3+ it completely destroys it as well as whatever is behind it.

unnamed (5).png

This One ounce slug travels at a muzzle velocity of 1875 FPS.. What’s even better is it’s Outstanding Precision UP TO 60 METERS.

Lets talk about the dummy they are shooting because it isn’t your regular dummy. This ballistic head is filled with blood and bones to represent the skull which it does without a single blemish. One other thing about this dummy is the thickness of the gel is exactly the same as the thickness of someone’s skin on their face. Making this extremely realistic to shoot and truly shows the damage and ferocity these slugs carry.">