If looks could kill… Well, Hers definitely can!

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Keep in mind that the Marine Corps is the only service that requires its recruits to fire from distances as far as 500 yards!

We’re quite familiar Israel’s surplus of attractive military servicewomen, but Sgt. Rianna Conner of the U.S. Marine Corps just might have them outgunned.

The blonde bombshell has admirably dedicated seven years of her life to serving our country, a feat for which we are truly grateful.

“I just wanna be the Military-Marilyn Monroe,” the self-dubbed “Combat Barbie” states in her Instagram bio. Mission accomplished, Rianna.

The badass beauty’s all-American feed is riddled with smoldering bikini pics and selfies. It’s no wonder she’s become a full-blown internet celebrity with over 140,000 followers according to Modernmanstuff.


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