Hostages Deliver Epic Beat Down of Circle K Shooter

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A man shot a customer in the back of the head killing him at a convenience store in  before ordering the other hostages to a backroom. However, when he attempted to shoot the other hostages the gun malfunctioned and instead of waiting on help to arrive the hostages took full advantage of the situation and subdued the suspect until swat arrived.

According to FoxNews after disarming Carson, the hostages ran outside. Authorities then spent the next hour negotiating with Carson before a SWAT team went in the store and shot Carson once, according to ABC15.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office ruled the officer-involved shooting was justified, prompting the release of the video on Tuesday.

Carson was placed in a hospital for a week, but later booked into jail on multiple charges including first-degree murder, nine counts of kidnapping, possession of a weapon by a prohibited person and eight counts of aggravated assault. While in an interview with police after his release from the hospital on May 16, Carson admitted to the shooting and said he “wanted police to kill him…

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Again another situation in which carrying would have probably negated the entire situation. There is no reason not too. Carry everyday and carry everywhere!

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