Did Gun Control Kill The Tec-9?

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It was definitely interesting to see how the tec-9 evolved or some can even say it did quite the opposite. The Tec 9 had a Devolution from its open bolt predecessors that had no issues with function to becoming the Jam prone weapon it is today.  While it is not the most accurate of weapons it is surprisingly fun to shoot.

Guns.com reports

Tim with the Military Arms Channel delves into his personal and extensive collection of TEC-9 pistols including some interesting open bolt variants.

Designed by George Kellgren — the Swedish gun wonk who later went on found first Grendel and then Kel-Tec — the little 9mm pistol with its forward magazine well was extremely popular throughout the 1980s and 90s until people had a chance to fire them.

Tim starts with the o/g version, the reliable open bolt Interdynamic KG-9, in the above video before switching to the KG-99 and the more commonly encountered but frequently jammed TEC-9. And yes, he shows off that classic TEC-9 reliability or lack thereof.

Also, be sure to be on the lookout for some open bolt…

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