Black Rifles Like Granny Used To Mak… DESTROY!!!

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Remember the hottest trend last year when sheep started removing their teeth just because the wolves have teeth…. well its coming back again.

In the latest incident of virtue signaling a Kansas City woman bought an AR that a friend had asked to store at her house. She decided it was her civic duty to have the weapon destroyed. When questioned by the media she spouted off the same rhetoric you’d hear off CNN.

According to KMBC She said the weekend mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso motivated her to buy the weapon.

“I do not want this gun. I want to destroy this gun,” Skaggs said.

She contacted police about destroying it. Skaggs said she does not want it used for parts or anything else.

“I’m not opposed to hunting. I’m not opposed to hunters. I’m not opposed to people having guns in their possession for protection. But this is a killer. It’s a killing machine, and that’s all it’s for,” she said.

Semi-automatic rifles are used by some hunters. Some like the rifle’s accuracy or its versatility. That’s why it’s popular with hunters.

“That’s a legal weapon. People are entitled to own one,” KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney told Skaggs.

“That’s right. They are. And I’m entitled to purchase and destroy it…

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Personally anytime one of these attention seekers goes and does this on the news we feel that anyone who supports gun ownership and second amendment should go out and build 2 rifles in its place. Its really sad when people play into the fear mongering driven by the left.

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