Fed Up Citizen Opens Fire on Looter in Buffalo – ‘Sick of Them’

However, one business owner took matters into his own hands against lawless thieves trying to take advantage of the Christmas week snow storms on the East Coast. Criminals in America’s Democrat-run cities won’t stop, even amid weather problems.

Buffalo, like many American cities, was completely covered in snow during the Christmas vacation. Authorities discovered bodies in stranded automobiles, icy homes, and driveways where people had fallen while shoveling snow, proving that the storms were so severe that more than twenty-four people lost their lives in New York.

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport had 43 inches of snow on Christmas Day, according to the National Weather Service, and forecasters had even issued a two-foot snowfall warning at the time.

The local authorities were overworked due to the snowstorms and whiteout conditions.

Because they understood those police departments would not be able to react fast, looters flooded into some of the most severely damaged districts.

The police force’s unwillingness to intervene was quickly exploited by looters, who started smashing into establishments.

However, not every citizen was content to watch helplessly while these haughty criminals attempted to wreak havoc on the storms. Video of the looting spread, demonstrating that some store owners did not cower in the face of the threat.

One video, in particular, showed locals pursuing a looter around the parking lot of Skys the Limit Hair & Beauty while some were armed with brooms and sticks.

But when they noticed one of them was carrying a gun, they can also be heard shrieking in terror.

“They about to shoot somebody. They trying to shoot somebody,” a man is heard saying on the video as the one with the gun takes aim.

The man protecting the businesses then fires off two shots.

It appears that no one was injured in the incident, but it does show that some citizens were not willing to just let the criminal element run rampant over their businesses.

“That was one of the neighbors that probably had business in the area,” the manager said according to the New York Post.

“As far as I know, he shot in the air to scare them off. Because I guess he was sick of them breaking into one of the businesses across the street or something. He just don’t want them to break anything anymore,” the manager added.

The Post added that the Buffalo Police Department reported that nine were arrested for looting stores around the city.

In the end, the state dispatched 600 National Guard men to the area to assist in reestablishing order.

Fortunately, the weather emergency has passed, the temperatures have increased, and the peace has returned. But there was an interval of anarchy. These courageous folks were the ones that leaped to defend themselves from the criminal group.

The notion that armed civilians may be a force for good is a fantasy, according to leftist politicians, despite numerous accounts of armed citizens halting crimes.

In the midst of a rise in crime, criminals are cruising the streets of New York’s major cities.

These liberals are mistaken.

Numerous times, American courts have found that police departments are not obligated to keep the public safe. Our responsibility is to defend ourselves. And these Buffalo business owners did exactly what needed to be done after learning this lesson.