F*cking genius. Which of our fans did this?

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With all the ant gun rhetoric and gun control laws it was only a matter of time until someone found a glitch in the matrix and made off like a bandit. An instagram post claims that a patriot made a couple shotty scrap metal guns and turned them in only to use the profits to purchase some actual firearms.


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I’m not even mad, I’m impressed!!!! @pb.fcks #SKDtac #Patriot #SKDlegion #skdlife #skd #skd #BuyBack #TakeThatAndShoveit

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The Instagram post is in reference to RoyalNonesuch when he did a video in which he was able to sell homemade weapons to one of these gun buybacks no questions asked. Which can be seen below.

and it seems that Royal isnt the only one that has caught wind of this. Home made firearms are showing up at gun buybacks across the country. For a couple bucks in materials anyone could walk away with enough of a profit to now purchase an actual firearm. There is actually a documented case in which a woman sold a cheap pistol to one of these buybacks to get a “bigger” weapon.

With that being said. Gun buybacks do little to nothing to stop violent criminals and there are quite a few flaws to the program. Any responsible gun owner with even the slightest bit of common sense isn’t going to hand over a $1500 AR15 for a 200 gift certificate.

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