Far-Left Activist Threatens Gun Owners With Drones, Hellfire Missiles and ‘Knife Bombs…

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For years, the left has threatened gun owners, but the worst part of those threats is that they get repeated.

That’s especially true when gun control groups seize upon careless remarks by President Joe Biden that the U.S. government would consider using actual weapons of war against those who dare to believe the Second Amendment protects the nation against a tyrannical government.

Newtown Action Alliance’s Po Murray tweeted, “A gun-rights activist from Newtown told me he needs an AR15 to defend himself from a tyrannical government. I told him the CIA has drones with missiles. Hellfire R9X/“knife bomb”/“flying Ginsu” was used to kill al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri.”

It appears that the irony of this tweet is going right over her head.

An antigun activist that wants to disarm law-abiding citizens for exercising their right to keep and bear arms is repeating a threat of lethal force – and – comparing those gun owners to international radical terrorists.

She attempted to clarify her tweet another three days later, tweeting, “Let me be clear. The government is not coming for you with a drone.”

Newtown Action Alliance’s Murray isn’t a stranger to inflammatory and hyperbolic language. She labeled Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis “a racist homophobic, misogynistic power-hungry fascist” and tweeted that NSSF is a “Trumpian right-wing gun lobby.”

To clear up any confusion, the NSSF works with elected officials on both sides of the aisle.

Of course, that is harder nowadays since the left is hell-bent on disarming the American people and violating the constitution, but “it’s for the children.”

Murray thinks it is perfectly fine to threaten those gun owners with lethal force from Hellfire-equipped drones. In her estimation, those gun owners exercising their God-given rights that won’t consider surrendering to her radical gun control agenda are no better than terrorists.


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