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Looks like our bro Kyle drank one too many monsters and didn’t have a wall to punch so he decided to square up with a Malinois. Want to take bets on who won?

Police responded to multiple calls of a male acting erratically at a restaurant. Upon arrival the suspect threatened the officer. When the suspect continued to be aggressive the officer continued to attempt to de-escalate the situation until he ultimately saw that the suspect could not be reasoned with and had to unleash the K9.

according to original poster,

” This happened at Ihop at Roseville. This man went inside the restaurant and made a huge scene to try to get his wife. This is what happened right after the policed was called. Crazy!
Edit: So to go deeper into what happened exactly. This man entered the restaurant as we were paying. His truck parked directly by the entrance door. He barges in saying he wants his wife so they can go home. Yelling he doesn’t want his wife to work here. He went into the kitchen to try to find her. His wife then comes out to get him and to have him leave. His continues to stay in the restaurant and make a bigger scene. Punching doors and walls. Afterward, he continued to say nonsense and even almost got physical with one of the customers eating. The police then arrived shortly after being called. The man was at first cooperating, but then moved around and continued to move around. Police told him to stop, but he would not. That’s when I begun recording.”

You can view the video below.

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