Did NBC Hire Antifa Muscle Who Killed a Trump Supporter?

You will not find all of this news in one place since traditional media is suppressing it.  You probably already know about the “Security Guard” that was hired by 9News an NBC Affiliate in Denver who fatally shot a patriotic Trump supporter during an anti Antifa rally in Denver.  The Trump supporter was shot in the head for slapping the so called security guard and attempting to spray him with some sort of pepper spray.

The “Security Guard” was quickly arrested for homicide by Denver SWAT officers.

Since then there has been a barrage of information regarding the “Security Guard”

His real name is Mathew Dolloff.  The first and most concerning revelation regarding him is that he did not hold a valid and active security license in  Denver.

This bombshell is compounded by the fact that Mathew Dolloff is a registered Democrat and publicly acclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders supporter who was part of the occupy Denver and other Antifa protests.  He has openly spoken out against Trump and his supporters as well as the police on his social media accounts.


Here he is at Occupy Denver

Even better, the tattoo on his right forearm is designed by Antifa in Australia

He followed many Antifa supporting and Anti Cop or Occupy movement pages on Twitter

Source:  UncleSamsNation (the current page of silenced Uncle Sams Misguided Children)


So the question is, why did a major news organization hire a known Antifa ring leader as muscle during a Patriot Counter Protest planned by John “Tig” Tiegen one of the Veteran Survivors of Benghazi?