Deaths from terror attacks down nearly 60% since 2014

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According to The Washington Times

Here’s one small reason for gratitude during the Thanksgiving season: Deaths caused by terrorist attacks around the world have fallen by more than half in just the last five years, declining again in 2019, according to an annual analysis released Wednesday by a prominent Australian think tank.

Overall for 2019, the survey recorded 13,826 terror-related deaths, down 15% from the year before and down 59% from 2014, the Sydney-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) reported in its latest Global Terrorism Index.

The estimated global economic damage caused by terror attacks also has declined significantly in the past five years. Terror-related economic costs were estimated at $26.4 billion last year, down 25% from 2018 and 77% from their high point in 2014.

“The past five years saw the end of the surge in terrorism across the globe, with deaths from terrorism declining every year since 2014,” the IEP reported in its latest Global Terrorism Index.

Keys to the decline include the steady withering of the threat posed by Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq and what the institute calls “increased counter-terrorism coordination at both the state and international level” around the world.

the report noted, “only Afghanistan and Nigeria recorded over 1,000 deaths and both countries had significant reductions in the number of people killed in 2019. By contrast, in 2015 there were six countries that recorded over a thousand deaths from terrorism.”

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