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Firearms enthusiast the world over revere the MP5 as one of the most iconic subguns in history and as a result want to add them to their collection but with an MSRP of $2600+ for a semi auto SP5K and limited availability it is simply out of reach for many gun owners. Luckily there are companies that make some pretty decent clones sporting a doable price tag and many of the same features found on the Iconic subgun.

The Outdoor Hub writes

The Heckler & Koch MP5 is arguably one of, if not the most popular submachine gun in the world. Designed in West Germany in the 1960’s, this well designed machine gun uses a roller locking mechanism, much like the larger FAL, CETME or G3 style 7.62 NATO rifles. More importantly for lowly private citizens who cannot aspire to the joys and wonders of a 9mm with a giggle switch, there are a great many MP5 clones out there which mimic this famous design, while being legal semi automatic handguns.

While not the most practical configuration for a semi auto pistol, there are a number of reasons to own an MP5 clone. Not the least of which is collecting something cool and fun to shoot at the range. Another, is to convert into short barrel rifles where legal. These MP5 clone based SBR’s then become very practical home defense and tactical weapons, along with adding a new level of fun to range shooting, so let’s take a look at a few MP5 clones.

The Zenith Z-5RS MP5 clone, is probably the premier MP5 copy on the market today. Made under HK license, and on HK tooling, it is about as close to a real HK MP5 as you can get, without paying HK prices. Like all MP5 clones, the Z-5RS is a precision made welded and assembled semi auto pistol unlike any other submachine pistol copy. Featuring a top Picatinny rail, it is easier than ever to install modern optics on an MP5 clone.

One of the more interesting MP5 clones is the PTR 9CT pistol. A high quality copy of…

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