Company Gets Trademark On Penis Camouflage

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ANR Design, a holster company in Manchester New Hampshire has applied for a Federal Trademark on their Peniflage ™   camo design.  Peniflage ™   is literally camouflage that made of penis of all sizes.
Until recently you had to know someone at ANR Design to get your hands on the cock camo.  Now, fortunately for the rest of the cock crazy 2A community, you can now wrap your pistol in their exclusive, trademark “Peniflage™”!
Company founder and penis connoisseur; Alex Costa had this to say:
Peniflage™ made its public debut on December 29th 2017. It was created purely as a joke, but now has transpired into an entire phallic movement. Inspired by the idea of a federal agent friend of the company, and born of fire and steel during a class at the Sig Sauer Academy. Peniflage™ has become the most desired and elusive of camo patterns available for ANR Design LLC holsters. Peniflage™ is the subject of jest and comedy, but also as a camouflage pattern on holsters carried by some of the world’s most elite Tier 1 units.
Alex went on to tell Tactical Shit that if you want to obtain your own Peniflage™ Holster, you must send an “offering” to the company.  Offerings come in all shapes and sizes but he recommends “high proof liquor and other goodies”
If you need or want more cock in your life, contact ANR Designs at their website.
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