Carjacker With Machete Attacks Officer!

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A man wielding a machete was shot and killed by responding officers after a crime spree in LA in which he carjacked a vehicle from a Chik Fil A parking lot.

According to KTLA the incident began around 11:30 a.m., when police said they received a call about the machete-wielding man robbing an auto parts store in the area of Sunset Boulevard and  Highland Avenue.

“He walks in and goes over to the batteries and he grabs one, then he walks over to the door and he slams it on the ground and pulls out the machete and he threatens and swings it at us,” Juan Chaidez, an employee at AutoZone, told KTLA. “Then he grabbed the battery and runs away.”

The man then walked over to the nearby Chick-fil-A, according to witnesses, and began threatening customers and carjacked a male driver in the drive-thru.

“As he’s running with the machete, he’s pretty much got the cops chasing down,” said Clinton Gunnels, who witnessed the incident. “They kind of gave him a second to surrender, but he highjacked a car and then the driver hops out of the car, and that’s when he hopped over to the driver’s seat and that’s when he drove off.”

A witness video shows the man driving away in the customer’s black car, stopping a short distance from the drive-thru and crashing into two LAPD cruisers. The footage then shows the armed man exiting the car with the machete and running away from officers.

The unidentified man was chased by officers who used less lethal options, but he was ultimately shot by officers, police said in a tweet…

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UPDATE: Our LAPD Public Information Officer, Lieutenant Chris Ramirez, provides details on the Officer-Involved Shooting which occurred in Hollywood Division, resulting in the death of a carjacking suspect armed with a large machete.

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