Assassin with Concealed Blades Arrested In Paris!

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This kinda shit just makes the case as to why gun control is a giant crock of shit. Because people like this exist, who will  make weapons out of literally nothing. We don’t know this guys intent. It could be coincidence he just happened to be in the area… larping… or he may have well wanted to do some serious damage to people whose views he did not agree with. What we do know is that if its the latter many people would have had no way to effectively defend themselves without significant injury or risks as guns are illegal for use in self defense in Europe and knives are getting there as well.

Law enforcement arrested the man after he was caught with 12 in mechanical blades concealed beneath his jacket similar to those found in the popular game assassins creed.  According to ES the officers spotted the 27 year old suspect wearing a black mask, hood, sunglasses and backpack near Sain-Lazare Station shortly before a yellow vest protest.

When he was subsequently apprehended and questioned about the get up he told investigators he was a fan of cosplay… We’re gonna go out on a limb and guess that this was not the case.

What do you think? Is Europe freaking out way too much over knives? Was this simply a case of a basement dweller not knowing what is socially acceptable or did this man have something sinister planned?


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