ZRODelta is Building a new empire using the remains of War Sport Industries as mortar!

The good news for Warsport Customers is that ZRODelta will still provide customer service.

Recoil Writes

Thanks to ZRODelta, the War Sport brand is dead. War Sport was best known for its LVOA rifle, but few people knew about its top-notch manufacturing capabilities. In-house, War Sport could machine just about anything imaginable and was at one time supplying OEM parts to other manufacturers in the firearms industry.

ZRODelta partners, John Birk and Pat Harrigan, took notice of War Sport’s undeveloped potential and jumped on the opportunity to carve out a new path for ZRODelta. With the decline of the brand name, it’s no surprise that ZRODelta intends to completely dissolve the existence of War Sport. This appears to be a win-win situation for ZRODelta and War Sport enthusiasts.


We have been tracking the health of War Sport since SHOT Show 2016, after the company experienced a change in executive leadership. Over the past couple of months, the War Sport Facebook and Twitter accounts have vanished. The Instagram account hasn’t had a substantial post since November 26, 2017. When a post, featuring ZRODelta, was shared on the War Sport instagram page we started putting puzzle pieces together by looking into…

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