WTF: New Years In Detroit. Fireworks or Gunshots… or transformers?

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Every New Years nearly everyone near many major cities gets to play the game. Fireworks or gunshots… In Detroit a third option got added.

Some idiot decided he was going to take out his neighborhoods power.

some Fucking clowns … fucking up mfs holiday shutting they powe off 😭😭💀💀 #2020 #garyin

Posted by Manky Santana on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The video starts out with the typical idiotic shooting in the air. The shooter pauses then lets a few more loose. However, in this batch of flying idiot pills. One managed to find its way into the neighborhoods transformer and as a result has left him and his neighbors in the dark.

Way to go Andre… way to go.

We’re not going to lecture our followers on the obvious safety shortcomings in this video because we are sure many of you already know. If you dont just look up basic firearm safety rules.

Dont shoot your guns into the air in densely populated areas in new years.

Our buddy Andre is probably going to learn the hardway as the video has already gone viral across social media so we’re pretty sure if we have seen it so has his local power company… and law enforcement… and neighbors.

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