Woman Slashes Strangers Neck In TacoBell!

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If you arent carrying you’re wrong. Criminals are not rational. They do not make rational decisions and some of them can be quite unhinged. Much like this woman who slashed a mans neck simply because he told her to “Pipe down”

According to ThePeopplesLedger a Taco Bell customer in Sandy received a seven-year prison sentence for slashing the throat of a stranger who objected to her invective-laced rant about the restaurant’s service – all of which transpired as her two young children and boyfriend waited in their car, authorities said.

Caley Mason, 22, of Maryland pleaded guilty in Clackamas County last month to second-degree assault in the brutal knife attack that left Jason Luczkow, 48, with an 8-inch gash from ear to Adam’s apple.

The beef began after Luczkow, a Sandy resident, said he asked her to stop berating the Taco Bell employees.

“She missed my…

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Dont be a victim.

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