Woman Shot with Concealed Crossbow by Disguised Hitman!*Video*

Who gets deliveries late at night? That should have been the first flag! Needless to say you should always stay alert when answering your door.

KMOV writes A woman will be in recovery for the rest of her life after someone posing as a delivery person shot her point-blank with a crossbow.

The attack, which is being investigated as an attempted murder, occurred in November in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. This week, police released video footage of the suspect at the victim’s door in the hope that the person could be identified.

Emergency services responding to a Mississauga residence on November 7, found a 44-year-old woman suffering from life-threatening injuries and transported her to a hospital, police said in a news release Monday.

Investigators have since determined the victim answered her front door and was met with a person holding a large box. After a brief conversation, the suspect shot the woman in the chest using a crossbow that was concealed in the box. The suspect then fled to a dark-colored pickup truck, authorities said.

Investigators believe the attack was premeditated and isolated. Comments made to the victim at her door also indicate the attack was targeted, Division Superintendent Heather Ramore said during a news conference Monday.

“The victim suffered massive trauma that was both life-threatening and life-altering,” Ramore said. “The attack was meant to end the victim’s life.”

It’s possible the suspect carried out the attack at the request of someone else, Ramore said.

The weapon used in the attack, Ramore said, is “commonly used by hunters to kill large game, such as moose and deer…
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