Woman Mauled to death by Wieners!

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Wiener dogs, that is. Tracy Garcia was mauled to death by a pack of 7 small wiener dogs. This comes as a complete shocker to many as most people would be quick to assume it wouldve been a pack of big scary pit bulls responsible for the attack.

Yes. Wiener dogs, Most notably known by their short little legs and long bodies usually weighing under 40 lbs Killed a woman which surprisingly many would find hard to believe.

The attack took place in Ardmore, Ok. Upon the initial response by authorities one of the little ankle biters was killed when it charged the first responders. No one is quite sure what provoked the attack, if anything.

It will be up to the District Attorney to press charges against the neighbor if any.

According to KXII-TV Mrs Garcia passed away later in the hospital. Tracy is survived by her son, Tynen Garcia, and daughter, Thalia Garcia.

She was buried on Tuesday of last week.

So be wary and carry because you never know if that corgi down the way is plotting some shit.


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