Why Barnaul Is The Best AK Ammunition

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AK Operators Union did a video using Barnaul Ammo in ALL different types of rifles either American, Chinese, Russian etc.

The numbers Barnaul produces was a consistent 2372 fps with deviation only in the single digits.

“This is basically match grade territory for the ammo FMJ is not match grade but just the whole round and performance of the cartridge is absolutely amazing”.

This Information is according to American Rifle Man

The Barnaul brand is not as well-known here in the U.S. as it is in Europe. But if you’re hearing the name for the first time, be assured that this is not some wet-behind-the-ears manufacturer. With decades of production experience under its belt, this company’s history stems back to 19th-century Saint Petersburg, where one of the country’s first cartridge plants was established.

All of the ammunition this company manufactures employs cartridge cases formed from mild steel instead of brass or aluminum. The steel is treated with various corrosion-resistant finishes, including lacquer, polymer coating, zinc coating and brass washing. The company’s bullet options include tried-and-true full-metal jacket, soft point and hollow point designs.

For the 7.62x39mm, I was looking for an affordable practice-grade round for punching holes in targets and ringing steel plates on the shooting range. Barnaul’s 123-gr. full-metal jacket load was just the ticket. It was paired with a hybrid AR-15.

This 16″ barrel, gas-impingement operated semi-auto has a lower receiver that’s been modified to accept AK-47 pattern magazines. It’s a gun and ammunition combination that’s handy and fun to shoot. The KS-47 printed an average group size of 1.91″ with the Barnaul cartridge while other loads yielded groups around 2.5″ in size. And it operated flawlessly, to boot!

If you still are not convinced Barnaul Steel Cased Is Good Ammo hold on got more information for ya right here.

Lots of people think that the lacquer coating on the round melts off the round into the chamber and gunks up the gun messing with its performance.

Lacquer melting into your chamber and being difficult to clean out is simply incorrect.

Go get some Barnaul Lacquer coated ammo dump the powder pop the primer then hit it with a butane or propane torch. You’re not going to get anything off of it.

That is true. I know it is true because I have tried it several times to demonstrate this to non believers.

If a chamber of a rifle is hot enough to melt the lacquer, which can’t be melted with a torch, then your chamber is more than hot enough to cook off the round as soon as it goes into the chamber.

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