WeapSAM Now EXCLUSIVELY Offered by Tactical Sh*t

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Weapon Sight Augmentation Material, or WeapSAM is now EXCLUSIVELY offered by Tactical Shit!

Many firearms do not come with commercial available tritium sights. WeapSAM is a photo phosphorescent binary polymer non-elastomer that can be installed into any firearm. It glows at a peak illumination of 37 nano lumens, and can hold its charge for a few hours. The longer it glows the dimmer it will eventually get, but a pulse of light from a flashlight can bring it back to full charge. It is not a paint therefore it is not susceptible to any kind of common firearms solvent. Once installed in a recessed or drilled out sight, it’s there forever. It will work as long as you charge the plastic. It may yellow to a small percentage in about 20 years, and as long as you do not heat the gun over 800 degrees it will continue to be able to glow indefinitely (the plastic suspension matrix can only handle 200 degrees.)

I made the stuff for the bump in the night type situation, where you reach for your gun, and need to clear your house. A situation that you actually have a little bit of time, maybe a second or two to charge the plastic. It is often asked if this material is radioactive. No, it is not radioactive, it’s about as radioactive as beach sand, or squirrel shit. It is a very special proprietary crystalline structure that absorb UV light, and emits it back very slowly, and in a wavelength that is perceptible to human vision.

In other words “It allows you to see your sights in the dark”

You can order yourself some WeapSAM HERE->http://shop.tacticalshit.com/weap-sam

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