Watch Woman Dragged into Crocodile Infested Waters By Shark!

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You know theres a reason there are signs at national parks and resorts that say things like. Dont feed the animals, Dont pet the animals, Dont tease the animals, etc. Most likely because doing so will result in nature being nature or dangerous animals getting use to and eventually getting to close to humans which ultimately ends in tragedy. One woman found out the hard way.

According to Fox News 

A “once-in-a-lifetime” trip in May for a woman in Australia quickly turned into a harrowing experience when she suffered a bite while feeding a shark, which then dragged her into the water.

Melissa Brunning, 34, was on a yacht in the remote Kimberley region in the northwest part of the country, located about 1,550 miles north of Perth, when she tried to hand-feed up to four tawny nurse sharks swimming around her boat.

Brunning told the West Australian that she didn’t realize she shouldn’t hand feed a shark, until the animal became “like a Hoover,” sucking her right index finger into its mouth full of rows of razor-sharp teeth.

“I think the shark was in shock as much as I was … the only way I can describe it is this immense pressure and it felt like it was shredding it off the bone,” she told the paper. “I came up and I was like, ‘I’ve lost my finger, my finger’s gone.’”

The shark also pulled her into the water of Dugong Bay, which is inhabited by saltwater crocodiles that can grow

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