WATCH: Comedian Alex Stein Confront AR-Toting Antifa ‘Security’ Guards in Denton, Texas

Antifa thugs dressed in Black Bloc gear while toting rifles stood guard outside a drag queen story hour in Denton, Texas over the weekend. With rifle-toting “security” on guard, locals and others protested the event outside. Among them, comedian Alex Stein trolled them heavily sporting a big grin.

The presence of the masked and armed Antifa members kept most of the counter-demonstrators away. While in Texas, any law-abiding citizen can open carry a long gun, but that doesn’t entitle them to block public sidewalks or streets.

Stein strolled the sidewalk out front of the event and was bodychecked repeatedly by more than one of the story hour “supporters.” Stein pushed his way past one and effortlessly brushed another particularly aggressive low-T type out of the way with an arm sweep before zeroing in on the two Antifa types toting ARs.

He asked, “Did this mess with your arts and crafts time?…  I’m so happy you’re protecting these children so they can get indoctrinated…  You’re such a good American.”

Watch for yourself.


The Post Millennial reported:

A group of armed Antifa was standing guard outside of Patchouli Joe’s bookstore in Denton, TX on Saturday where a drag queen story hour was being held for children.

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen reported from the scene and noted that he was removed from inside the bookstore while armed Black Bloc Antifa was inside. He was told he “wasn’t welcome anymore” when he was ejected. In a comment to The Post Millennial, Hansen said, “The bookstore was allowing ANTIFA inside to change into Black Bloc – I got inside the bathroom and there was a bunch of bags. ANTIFA freaked out because they realized they left their stuff in the bathroom.”

“Inside of the Transgender Storytime for Children hosted in Denton— Children in attendance were gifted trans flags to wave around. Armed ANTIFA almost immediately removed me at the request of the owner, Police Officers were inside the event as well helping with security,” Hansen posted on Twitter along with footage.

In the end, Antifa failed to intimidate anyone who was there to protest the event. On the other hand, it’s almost as if the organizers put on the story hour to inflame ordinary types against their cause.

For those outside the gun culture, seeing masked people dressed in black toting rifles in public likely causes an alarm response.  That doesn’t win people to the Antifa cause.

Put another way, open-carrying rifles in masked Black Bloc “battle rattle” doesn’t win friends and influence people to whatever the cause may be.">