*WATCH* 2,158 Yard Shot Sets New ELR World Record

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Randy Wise’ record breaking 2158 yard sets a new ELR World Record!

SSUSA Reports that Randy Wise set a new ELR Central World Record at a mind-blowing distance of 2,158-yards during the 2019 NRA Extreme Long-Range Nationals, held at Camp Atterbury, IN, on Friday, August 23. From a cold bore, he went three for three shooting at a 36-inch square white steel plate.

Wise was shooting a Savage Arms rifle, chambered in .338 Lapua with the stock 26-inch, 1:9-inch barrel, Accurate Rifle Systems chassis, Rempel bipod and Rifle Basics trigger. The scope was a Vortex Golden Eagle. And for his load, Wise used Lapua brass with Berger 300-grain hybrid bullets, Federal 215M primers and 90.5 grains of Retumbo powder. Ballistic solving was provided by Applied Ballistics…

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According to applied ballistics This is Randy Wise’s Extreme Long Range World Record Setting Performance at Camp Atterbury Indiana on August 23rd 2019. Randy Wise was shooting a Savage Rifle chambered in 338 Lapua with Berger 300gr Hybrid Bullets. He use the Applied Ballistics system for the ballistic predictions, a Vortex Golden Eagle Scope, and Rempel Bipod. The match was officiated by Clay Rhoden of TargetVision.

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