WA Sheriff Fights To Keep Gun Stores Open For Business

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According to Firearm Chronicles

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s decision to not recognize gun stores as essential businesses isn’t going over well in many parts of the state.In fact, more than a dozen law enforcement officials, many of them county sheriffs, have sent a letter to Inslee outlining their concerns about shutting down gun shops across the state. According to the public safety officers, there are three reasons the governor needs to amend his stay-at-home order to allow gun stores to continue to operate.

1- Many of the law enforcement officials signing this letter leads a department that relies on local licensed firearms dealers for on- and off-duty firearms and ammunition. For many of us, we and our deputies routinely purchase firearms, ammunition, and other equipment from licensed firearms dealers. Your Order shuttering those businesses will prevent members of local law enforcement departments from continuing to do so, and threaten the continued operations of local law enforcement departments around the state.

2- your Order threatens the safety of thousands of Washington citizens. Every security business in the state relies on licensed dealers for firearms and ammunition, and your Order blocks their ability to procure the tools required to perform those jobs—jobs which your Order deems essential. It is essential that security businesses can procure the tools needed for their essential operations.

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