Vigilante Kills Pedophile

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According to Atlas.News

A Nebraska man has been charged with first degree murder after fatally shooting a convicted sex offender and admitting to it on #Facebook. James Fairbanks (left), a paraprofessional in the Omaha School District, posted on Facebook that he was apartment searching when he found Matteio Condoluci (right) on the sex offender registry. He expressed anger to find out Condoluci was convicted twice for raping children, but only served two years in prison. Fairbanks then said “I seen his address was right around the block from where I was looking to move. I drove by and to my horror he was standing in his driveway pretending to wash his truck (no soap or water just a rag) while staring at a group of children playing in the street. I watched him for a few minutes and just felt sick to my stomach.”

He continued by saying “Having had my own experience with these type of predators I knew the damage he would do to those kids. It agonized me for days. I couldn’t sleep. I researched him more and more and found he had victimized dozens of kids in different states.”

He added that “I’ve worked with kids for years who have been victimized and I couldn’t in good conscience allow him to do it to anyone else while I had the means to stop him. I’m willing to turn myself in even though I’m confident I wouldn’t be caught because its my opionion that we need to fix this in our society. We can not let this continue to happen to out children. They must be stopped. I know in this messed up judicial system that means I will face far more severe punishment for stopping him then he did for raping KIDS. But I could no longer do nothing.”

Fairbanks is also being charged with use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony and is being held without bail. Chief Deputy Douglas County attorney Brenda Beadle said that “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s never a good idea to take justice into your own hands. Vigilante justice isn’t the answer.”

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