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The Trump administration has moved to ban the sale and possession of bump-stocks by march! This is one of the many things you need to be following. It starts with bump-stocks but are they going to start coming after other “Scary looking” Items? We as responsible gun owners need to continue to fight to keep the 2nd Amendment going strong. Again, we have to reiterate that just posting on Facebook or in the comments on a YouTube video is NOT going to help our cause. We need to be more active as responsible gun owners and make our voices heard. Whether its writing your congressman, senators, or at the ballot box. Because if we don’t this could very well could lead to that slippery slope of everything getting banned.

FoxNews reports that The Trump administration on Tuesday took first steps to ban the sale of bump stocks on semi-automatic weapons and has made them illegal to possess beginning in late March.

Bump stocks, which allow semi-automatic weapons to fire rapidly like automatic firearms, have come under increasing scrutiny after they were used in October 2017 when a man opened fired from his Las Vegas hotel suite into a crowd at a country music concert below, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

“Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, ATF received correspondence from members of the United States Congress, as well as nongovernmental organizations, requesting that ATF examine its past classifications and determine whether bump-stock type devices available on the market constitute machineguns under the statutory definition,” the regulation, which was signed by Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker on Tuesday morning, noted.

It continued: “The Department decided to move forward with the rulemaking process to clarify the meaning of these terms, which are used in the NFA’s (National Firearms Act) statutory definition of ‘machinegun.’”

The regulation will go into effect 90 days after it is formally published in the Federal Register, which is expected to happen on Friday, a Justice Department official said.

People who own bump stocks will be required to either surrender them to the ATF or destroy them by late March, the official said. The change has undergone a legal review and the Justice Department and ATF are ready to fight any legal challenge that may be brought, the official added.

In March, President Donald Trump said his administration would “ban” the devices, which he said “turn legal weapons into illegal machines.”

Shortly after the president’s comments, the Justice Department announced that it had started the process to amend federal firearms regulations to define bump stocks as machine guns. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives sought…

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Quit just sharing shit on Facebook and actively get involved! Contact your state representatives or shit like this will keep happening. Pick up the phone, Send a letter, go vote. It is up to you to prevent more attacks on our 2A rights. This is what starts that slippery slope. After they ban bump-stocks what are they going to come after next? Will it be your competition triggers? Your pistol braces? Both bans will open Pandora’s box and will make the attack on our 2nd amendment rights worse than it is now.

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