Transgender Deer Killed During MO Mass Shooting.

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This past weekend, school children all over MO took up arms for what may have been the largest massacre by children ever.  No they didn’t carry AR15s into their schools, they carried them into the woods and shot deer during the MO Youth Hunt 10/27 and 10/28.
One of those killed by a child’s bullet was a well known  Transgender Doh with Antlers.  The Child is being held pending an investigation into why he just “Assumed the Deer’s Gender”  A spokesperson for DOH’s with Dicks said; “Just because we have antlers, doesn’t mean you can indiscriminately kill us. Get closer next time and look for my deer dick.
Deer have been jumping out into the highways in protest to block traffic though. Most attempts have been unsuccessful, though some seem to stand their ground in the flood of approaching headlights Many of the protesters have been struck by oncoming vehicles who are moving to fast and unable to avoid them as they run erratically into traffic.
As protest start to get out of hand many deer are unleashing their anger and frustration on unwary commuters, often smashing through windshields!
Some commuters however, are fighting back and threatening not to stop despite the dangers!
Even Celebrity deer are making appearances at protest.
But seriously the actual story as reported by Fox2News that 12 year-old, Lindy Sutherland, went out on her first hunting trip and ending up with quite a rare prize when she shot a doe with antlers right in Fair Grove, Mo.
Photo Credit: Fox2News

KY3-TV covered the story and talked to Lindy’s father, Brian. He told them that the moment they realized the deer was a female Lindy immediately asked, “am I in trouble?”.

Francis Skalicky with the Missouri Department of Conservation told KY3 stated that, “The odds can run as high as 1-in-5,000 of harvesting a doe with antlers, It’s rare but not unheard of,” Skalicky further explained. “It’s either a doe with a high amount of testosterone or a true hermaphrodite deer which is basically half-and-half in the gender spectrum.”

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