Train with your Firearm, it could mean the difference between Saving the day and Jail

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Texas man charged after firing ‘indiscriminately’ at 2 men attacking his fiancée

Always be aware of your target, whats around it and beyond. That was one of the fundamental rules my firearms instructor drilled into our heads after Safety First and always assume every firearm is loaded.

So, to stop a threat to your loved ones is a good thing, right? I would think so. But to chase the suspects down the street guns a blazing? Yea, that is monumentally stupid.

From what I can gather in this story, it doesn’t even sound like Mr. Morin even aimed with his initial shots. Reckless use of a firearm is just plain stupid, and it would appear that Mr. Morin has had little to zero firearms training. And now he is paying the price. Locked in handcuffs and hauled away.

Don’t be this guy. Train. Use your head and above all, AIM at your target.

Fox News Reports:

A Texas man was arrested and charged with a third-degree felony for allegedly shooting at two men who were attacking his fiancée outside their home.

Jeremiah Morin, 34, of Spring, is being accused of firing at the men “indiscriminately,” the Houston Chronicle reported Friday. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said the two men were still at large.

Morin’s fiancée was taking her children inside the home when two men in ski masks attacked her, deputies said. Authorities added that Morin grabbed his gun and opened fire and that he continued to chase them down the street and fired more shots, according to KHOU-TV.

“He began to indiscriminately shoot multiple rounds down the street,” Montgomery County Sheriff’s Capt. Bryan Carlisle said. “These rounds definitely went down a very crowded street.”

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