Tornadoes And TacPacks,The May Unboxing!

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Check out the live un-boxing here!

The may TacPack is here and its one of the biggest packs we have ever sent when it comes to stuffing the box. Variety is the spice of life and this one certainly has it! Enjoy this sweet mixture of EDC and gun gear!

TACPACK TUMBLER $20.00 Stay hyrdated this summer with this 20 oz stainless steel double walled tumbler. Keep your hot stuff hot and your cold stuff cold while you’re slingin lead! This thing looks great!

JE MACHINE BACKUP SIGHTS $24.00  This is another item that our customer base has been asking to see in the pack for some time now and we were fortunate to lock down this deal for a great american made set. Whether you’re dealing with a faulty optic or just want to go analog for awhile, then these sights are for you!

GUNTEC TRIGGER GUARDS $15.00 Made from T6 aluminum, this lightweight guard features a matte finish plus has an extra wide opening so those mechanix gloves from April fit perfectly!

X-STEEL TACPACK TARGET $15.00 Nice little steel target in the shape of the parachute Tacpack logo. Includes a sticker with a sweet discount code for more x-steel products. X-steel has been with us since year one. Keeping it in the family. Hang it and bang it!

X- TECH GRIP $20.00 This heavy texture features an aggressive, standing ribs across the back of the grip, finger grooves and a more aggressive styling than the original ATG. You can adjust this grip to one of three of the most popular industry proven angles. The finger grooves, texture, and back-strap optimize comfort and control. USA made!

MORALE PATCH This little guy will sure look good slapped on an item coming in next months pack!

JUNE PACK HINTS: June pack is on fire! Yes, fire is a hint. Plus: your absolute new favorite packet knife and of course we got some USA MADE gear in there as well! Box value $115!

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JUNE HYPE: Your new favorite pocket knife, 5 total items, Something to keep the sun out of your eyes at the range this Summer, USA made AR parts, 2 goodies from Breakthrough Technologies and a box value of $115!
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Check out the live un-boxing here!

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