Tim Kennedy’s “Hard to Kill” premieres on discovery!

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As an active Green beret and former UFC fighter Tim Kennedy is n0 stranger to the risk associated with some jobs. This show shares many similarities with Mike Rowe’s dirty jobs. They are hard and your average person just isn’t going to cut it. In fact all of these jobs share a third factor. They could kill you and Tim Kennedy is going to Attempt to do them all!

“It’s somewhere between ‘Dirty Jobs’ meets ‘Fear Factor’ meets ‘Survivor,’” Kennedy told Military Times in April “It shows inherently dangerous jobs people do every day that don’t really get attention.”

According to the ArmyTimes each episode of Hard to kill shares extraordinary survival stories, including pilots surviving crashes and cowboys recovering from being trampled by bulls. Hard to kill goes so far as to recreates some of these situations placing Kennedy right in the middle of it!

Fox News writes The biggest reason why Kennedy wants to put himself in danger is to show people what these workers put themselves through everyday!

“I’ve been part of task forces hunting the most evil humans to walk the face of this planet. I believe all of that was for a reason, because I love America. I love the idea of what America is,” he said. “America is a bunch of people that do these incredible, thankless, selfless jobs that nobody really knows about that makes that American dream possible. All those things that me and my friends did overseas were for a reason and that’s this. This America, this freedom thing. The men and women in this show that I’m hanging out with. That’s the bread and butter, that’s the glue that holds all this together.”

This isn’t the first time Tim has been in the spotlight though, Sheep dog response also did some work with Tim Kennedy to produce the Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Events DVD which teaches the skills necessary to survive various scenarios such as  natural disasters, active shooter situations, or a robberies through the use of education, practical application, and ongoing training.

The DVD touches on honing your skills in various areas such as medical care, firearms training, and one of the most overlooked skills situational awareness.

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