This White Highschool Girl Is The Next Rosa Parks

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Recently Pixie Busse was told she needed to quarantine due to the fact she may have been exposed to someone with Covid in one of her classes.

Pixie responded with “No I will not quarantine I had covid-19 in 2019 and have not been sick since” Pixie had claimed she had natural immunity from Covid-19.

The next day she decided to go to school and before she got on the bus she looked at her mom and said ” I understand now how scared Rosa Parks must have been when she sat in the front of the bus.”

When she arrived to class the principal made the effort to take everyone out of her classroom and relocate them somewhere else in order to isolate her. Her principal then said to her ” You Might as well just go home, because I can do this all day. She Responded ” So can I.”

Pixie Received a court order and was escorted by 4 armed policemen out of the school building.

Her mother Kita Busse then received a email that her daughter has court on Tuesday at 0830 vis zoom call.

The Director of the health department stated via phone call that Pixie would need to appear before a judge to ” Receive her punishment.”

Katie has yet to find a lawyer to help represent her daughter in a court case with no charges or legal reasoning.

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