This weapon light is taking the industry by storm!

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The PL-MINI Valkyrie is a culmination of years of innovation at Olight in the LED industry to bring you the brightest and most compact weapon flashlight ever created.

At only two ounces, the flashlight will never cause the user to adjust their bore height or grip on the firearm producing a more consistent integration into their shooting system.

The 400-lumen output is the perfect match of intense brightness and maintaining focus on your target. The 2.41-inch length allows for the light to not reach passed the barrel of a standard compact pistol for maximum concealability. We also integrated our signature magnetic rechargeable system into the light.

Use the included MCC magnetic charging cable to charge the light either quickly at home or in the field. The PL-MINI is the perfect choice for practical concealed gun carry on any compact pistol due to its unmatched brightness and portability.


  • Compact and lightweight, width and length perfect for compact pistols making it easily concealable.​
  • 960mAh built-in lithium polymer battery pushing a maximum output of 400 lumens.
  • Incorporates the OLIGHT signature magnetic charging system for maximum convenience. Can be powered by all common USB power sources.
  • Manual quick attach and release mounting system
  • Both Glock rail (adapter installed on the product) and Picatinny rail compatible (included in the package)
  • Low power warning indicator
  • Hit the switch downward to turn on minimizing accidental triggering when put into a holster
  • Output modes: momentary-on, constant on
Don’t make a mistake!
Properly identify your target with the brand new Olight PL Mini weapon light. At only 2.4 inches long, a weight of 2 ounces and rechargeable feature, your accuracy will remain the same while barely even knowing it’s there.
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There is a reason why there are countless 5-star reviews and thousands of units sold already. Join the revolution and get the best value and highest performance compact weapon light on the market!
If you don’t like it, return it. Light up your target and protect what’s yours.
You deserve it.
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