This is what happens when you threaten the Georgia Police.

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Every idiot has access to social media these days. Its even more shockingly obvious with all the fail videos or people with the IQ of a lemming voicing their opinion. Yes everyone has the freedom of speech but keep it can come back to bite you if you’re stupid as one Georgia man found out.

According to the Tribunist

It shouldn’t be a surprise that making “terroristic threats” towards police officers is likely to get a strong response. Joshua James Bolieiro shared a video on social media titled “Police Department Bloodbath Continues,” and added a comment that directly threatened officers. He stated, “The next police officer that speak to me will die,” and the cops didn’t take it lightly.

Bolieiro’s comment continued, “You cops better resign, because if you speak to me, I will consider that a threat, and I will defend myself, in the manner that you guys defend yourselves.”

“I will shoot first, and I will have no guilt,” he added.

In a second comment on the post, Bolieiro said, “If you are a police officer in Georgia, I suggest you pray to your god Satan that you don’t accidentally speak to me.”

“You will just have to roll the dice with every traffic stop,” he continued. “Im (sic) aiming to kill ANY police officer that dares speak to me, with absolutely zero questions for you. You speak, you. Its (sic) that simple. Go ahead and test me. See how far you get.”

The original Facebook post was…

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Just goes to show just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

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