This Deterrent will have package thieves soiling themselves! *Video*

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Its happened to all of us. We hop on to and order a brand new surfire magazine. It ships out, we get the delivery confirmation, arrive home and nothing. Not on the porch. Not in the bushes. No where. After a quick review of our security footage we see the culprit stuffing our package down their pants. Well one guy has created a solution to ending that problem.

The Tribunist reports

Jaireme Barrow was fed up with thieves stealing packages from his front porch. Deciding that he “wanted to even the playing field,” he created a dummy box to function as a trap, giving him a way to scare away thieves. Once he began using the device, he caught multiple would-be thieves in action thanks to a security camera.

The first version of the trap Tacoma, Washington resident Barrow created, according to a report by The Daily Mail, involved fairly simple materials, like bricks, fishing line, and a small box. He used 12-gauge shotgun blanks as the primary deterrent, guaranteeing a loud bang should someone who was unaware of the device attempt to take a package.

Barrow did leave wannabe thieves a not warning them of the dangers. It includes the statement: “Package is armed.”

He installed the camera to capture just what happened when a person tried to steal one of his packages from the device.

In a clip from the footage, a woman can be heard letting out a scream after being scared by the sound.

One man is so frightened by the noise that leaves the porch and quickly hits the ground, ending up on his stomach in Barrow’s front yard.

Barrow decided to make the device after having four packages stolen in…

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